My name is Aakanksha, and I am an aspiring blogger. I just graduated from Harvard with high honors in Economics and a minor in Psychology. I am a national champion in swimming, have represented India, and was the first Indian to swim for an Ivy League college. I am a travel and photography enthusiast. At present, I am spending my time teaching an economics class to raise money for COVID-19 relief.

This blog is born out of my passion to use theories and models from economics, psychology, and cognitive science to make sense of the world. My posts are a collection of my musings and experiences over the years. Every week I curate a list of 10 Things that I recommend, from books to podcasts and everything in between. I hope that my blog posts and recommendations will inspire you and give you a different perspective on life, happiness, decision making. 

I also host a podcast and IGTV show titled GRIT, in which I interview people that inspire me. Their stories embody the power of perseverance and I talk to them how they built grit and resilience. 

Thank you for being here! I always love to hear from people, so leave me a message below. For more updates and access to my IGTV series, be sure to follow me on Instagram, and subscribe to my blog. 


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