In this episode, I interview Arman Sood, one of the three co-founders of Sleepy Owl Coffee. A small-time Pokemon card arbitrage in middle school gave Arman his first taste of entrepreneurship, but it wasn’t until law school, where he met Ashwajeet, another co-founder of Sleepy Owl, that he developed a true passion for building businesses. After successfully starting and running two ventures in law school, Arman and Ashwajeet decided they wanted to continue to pursue entrepreneurship. They joined forces with Ahwajeet’s childhood friend, Ajai, and together they found a way to disrupt the beverage industry in India. With the goal of making freshly brewed coffee convenient and accessible to Indians, the three of them came up with the idea for Sleepy Owl. They started in a two-bedroom apartment in Dwarka where they tested and developed their first Cold Brew packet. Sleepy Owl now available in retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai and online across the nation and is consumed by over a million households. Arman and his story are super cool, and I do hope you enjoy the episode. And, if you haven’t already, try Sleepy Owl’s Coffee, it’s fabulous.

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